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Still Here

Join us for our virtual national Black Student Ministries conference, Still Here, on February 5-6th, 2021.


This is a unique time in history: we are in the midst of a national racial reckoning, a season of political unrest, economic uncertainty, and a global pandemic that is disproportionally impacting our communities. For college students, these weights add on to the academic load you already carry. It can seem like too much to handle. Black college students are asking questions like, "Where is God in the midst of our suffering? Will things ever change? What is my role in the fight? Is God real…is He good?"

You will join hundreds of students and alumni from around the country for a time of worship, celebration, and reflection. We will honor the resilience and legacy of our people, become equipped for the work ahead, and empowered to greater hope even in the midst of hard seasons.

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Beyond This

Beyond This is a virtual premiere event featuring the stories of three Greek students who found God and meaning in the midst of hardship and suffering this year: including mental health challenges, toxic relationships, substance use, and more. The event includes a national 90 minute premiere on Sunday, February 21 at 3:30 pm EST with local watch parties to make it a communal experience. 

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DM @greekivcarolinas on Instagram for more information about hosting or finding a watch party.