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We were created to hear and respond to God. He has spoken and still speaks today. 

Learning how to hear God transforms how you relate to him, to your friends and to your campus. This track will help you grow in studying God's Word and developing your connection with God through prayer.


When Jesus came to change the world, he didn't build an army, write a book or invent the iPad--He led a small group.

Small Groups are the heartbeat of a thriving witnessing community. They are the place of mission to the campus, the entry point for people who are far from Jesus, and the place where those who are following Him can thrive. 

This track will equip you to do all these things. It's required for InterVarsity Small Group Leaders and open to anyone leading a small group this coming year.


What do you believe about yourself? Who are you to God? Our answers to these types of questions, or our sense of identity, is shaped by many factors including family, friends, experiences and culture.


Jesus offers to reshape our identity in becoming the people he originally intended us to be. Using Scripture as our foundation, we will look at various elements of our identity such as our humanity, sexuality, family and relationships. 


How do we live our lives as citizens of Christ's Kingdom while dwelling in the kingdom of this world? The conflict inherent in this question is the context for the majority of our struggles and growth as followers of Jesus. In this track we will study the Sermon on the Mount in an effort to understand how we are to reflect the reality of Christ's kingdom and then we will try to apply this to the defining, yet hard-to-handle issues in American society: Race, Justice, Sexuality and Politics.


*Only for current Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students.


What does it mean to be on the C-Team/Exec/Vision Team that leads your chapter? What is God's vision for our campuses and how do we move towards it? This track will focus on the personal growth of the leader as well as seek God's vision and plans for your campus. We will equip you as a leader and provide space for your team to work together in planning for the fall.

*BY INVITATION ONLY - Please check with your staff if  you'd like to be invited.

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