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We seek to create a culture shift at UNCA where people worship Jesus freely, engage in authentic community, and radically advance the cause of Christ!

About Us

What: A community of every race and ethnicity exploring who Jesus is and what he means to our everyday lives. 
Where: Our hope is to reach every corner of UNCA, where Bible study, prayer, worship, and sharing your faith becomes a lifestyle that impacts your relationships in the dorm, classroom, Highsmith Student Union, and the gym!
When: Large Group Tuesdays at 7:30pm, Daily Prayer & Worship M-F @ 7:15am, & small groups throughout the week.
Why: Because we were created to worship!
Who: Anyone with an open heart to seek God!
Large Group
Small Groups

Weekly Meetings

Large Group

Tuesday Evenings @ 7pm in the Whitman Room 101 in Ramsey Library


Morning Prayer

Monday - Friday from 7:30am-8:00am at Roasted Cafe in Highsmith


Lunch with the Homeless Community

Wednesdays @ 12:00pm at Haywood Street Congregation


Meet for coffee with Andrea

We're Here For You

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