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When you walk in the door of our large group meeting, expect to see about 15-20 people gathered with gospel music playing or live worship with acoustic guitar. We start with worship & prayer, have an interactive Bible teaching where questions are welcome, then break into small groups for more intimate discussion. We engage culturally relevant topics such as race, gender, and injustice. This is a safe atmosphere where we welcome you to bring your genuine self - your struggles, dreams, anger, and doubt. There is no judgement here; we are real people who are committed to being vulnerable before each other and God. We hope you feel encouraged to


1. Know you are not alone in your faith journey

2. To surrender your life to a God who loves & pursues you without abandon

3. Join the mission to reach others on campus with the message of Jesus Christ

When & Where

Tuesday Evenings @ 7:30pm

 Whitman Room 101

Ramsey Library

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